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why should nasa not be funded

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It GIVES its technology away to any American who wants to use it to start a business and not only that, they offer scientists and engineers and business experts to help you get started and figure out ways to make it work. If that logic were valid, we would certainly need the government to force us to pay for other sources of information too. Click here to support us. What other program says that? (FEE Opinion) — There are a number of ways to spend a $19.3 billion annual budget; we could pay for 1.94 million young adults in the United States to attend a public 4-year university, we could provide 1.87 million people with health care, or we could use the money to fund the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for one year. Fair? A recent report from the U.S. National Research Council found that the public does not consider investing money in the space program a priority. Let's speak about this one more time because, now that the new Federal budget is coming up, we need to. No, the government is spending too much money on NASA without seeing results. Most people probably don't even realize it. You don't know USA if you say this because USA would use this 0.5% of their annual expenses to make their military stronger. The current plan is to leave the samples in space until they find the time and money to come up with another plan to retrieve them; this could mean several years — even decades — before they decide to even think about the retrieval process. The strongest economic argument is that NASA research may be a public good. So why should we fund the space program? NASA also creates a huge amount of jobs, new technology, such as the cameras in your Androids and Iphones, and yet people still believe that NASA is a failure. The entire country could be in favor of the government providing healthcare for one year, but the decision would still be made by a few bureaucrats sitting comfortably in their opulent headquarters on Capitol Hill. After all, it would be highly costly to prevent non-payers from benefiting from the information provided by the research. For goodness sake more money went to buisness managment, student financial assistance, and homeland secuirty alone not together than NASA. For the very first comment, that honestly makes no sense at all. The risk that terrifies me most is that these samples have the potential to alter the ecosystem on Earth in ways that we cannot possibly predict; is there a waiver for my life hidden somewhere in the social “contract?” Who decided that knowledge, exclusively for the sake of learning, takes precedence? How NASA's Budget Is Made (part 2) Once the President's Budget Request is finished, there are still several more steps before the budget is complete. Say goodbye to the amazing inventions of the future. Perhaps we would all be better off if these scarce resources were allocated elsewhere? We show the world that we are a progressive, forward-thinking people seeking the betterment of the human race. I don't think so. We will have enough money for bills and taxes. Our taxes should be going towards U.S. debts with other countries and education, not spending billions of dollars on collecting rock samples. Thats a bunch of crap. We have bigger problems to solve here on Earth; why allocate money to space exploration? Served from: | Version: com. Right now, NASA receives about 13 billion dollars a year, less than .5% of the entire GDP. Their discoveries range from the artificial heart pump (LVAD), modeled after the engine fuel pump of their space shuttle, to the protective coating that preserves the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. They evolved from technology developed from the Apollo lunar landing program. We don't need to keep wasting money on NASA's experiments when we are in debt. It's peanuts. Take a moment and think of things that have been invented or improved upon in the past 20 years. We do have to deal with the reality of world events, but surely we should not let terrorism set the agenda. Wear glasses? Soldiers risk their lives for us, and what do they get? NASA is what represents this country and if we don't support them, we don't support ourselves. In 2016 alone, the government spent $36.2 million of our money in legal costs battling lawsuits to protect themselves. By all means try and leave this planet in a livable condition for our children, grandchildren, etc. We pave a path among the stars for the eventual expansion of humanity into a universe whose mysteries we will conquer, one eureka at a time. And you don't have any problems getting by now. Anything you think of more than likely NASA has contributed. Why force people to fund something they see no value in? Hopefully, you can see why we need to ask for your help. The US Government Should Not Be Spending Money on This. For as little as $1 and a minute of your time, you can support Anti-Media. This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Public apathy toward NASA, a lack of understanding of the benefits of a space program, and more pressing matters all lead people to ask: is NASA worth funding at all? Probably not as much as you think. Together, they can work in space as well as NASA can, and they can actually afford it. NASA has not failed us at all. Enjoy jogging with your athletic shoes? By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. NASA is a total waste of time and money. And yes Nasa does screw up sometimes but who doesn't. Stealing money from individuals and giving it to programs like NASA isn’t the only way to fund humanitarian efforts that we deem valuable; various organizations that benefit our society are funded through private and voluntary donations. It would also help us develop technology by us mastering ways to get to space and ways to thrive in it. There are so many programs for starving/homeless people. But I do see a correlation between stronger military and more killed humans. They do focus their portions on earth studies, as well as technology for the world to use. Also here's a link to the stuff they invented that is now being used by a lot of people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_spin-off_technologies. That ear thermometer that saves you an awkward rectal exam? Anti-Media’s independent journalism and analysis takes substantial time, resources, and effort to produce, but we do it because we believe in our message and hope you do, too. Those insoles derived from technology in moon boots designed for shock absorption. But maybe you didn't need to be reminded of the tangible examples of the application of NASA science to our daily lives. Every penny you spend on NASA brings a return of $5-$10. Nobody sits around eating bonbons and wasting taxpayer money. They are responsible for there choices if they want to take advantage of these aid programs or not. If we don't help NASA then we will be doomed. Some of you say that the federal govt will save the poor and homeless if they had money. This is not something that we, as a country, can afford anymore. Currently, our opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to which option we would rather have the government spend our money on. Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome. we always have enough money for things but the government wants to have control of everything and not let us the people choose whats right for this country. The things we learn while in space include how to preserve our planet, when will there be a severe weather alert, such as a hurricane, and maybe someday our planet will be way overpopulated and we'll need anther place to live, like Mars. Not only are these organizations providing valuable services, they use the money they’re given more efficiently than the government, empowering an individual to contribute more with less money. Imagine a time were we can travel the stars and colonize other planets; the petty squabbles of humankind will seem trivial! Why spend billions of dollars on space exploration when we don't even know our own planet? For FREE. Whether NASA is funded at all should be entirely up to the individuals in our country. As of today, NASA’s funding accounts for less than one half of one percent of the federal budget; and while still underfunded, it has produced a variety of technological advances ranging from LEDs to artificial limbs. No they shouldn't, spend the money where it is needed. Opinion by Kassidy C. Neville / Creative Commons / FEE.org / Report a typo. Only relgious nuts and the ignorant and uneducated would want to defund NASA. Advertisements were used in the case of the radio. In 2020, NASA is planning to spend $2.4 billion on a trek to Mars so that they can collect samples of the environment to hopefully answer questions about its potential for life. Therefore, the best solution is to turn NASA over to the private sector. But when the government controls things like food production, people … NASA's developments are technological and scientific, helping the entire community, while Churches help those that only believe in them, and can even spew hate against certain people because they are being themselves. Another common argument is: “NASA benefits society, therefore we must fund it so that our society will prosper!” If that were the guideline for determining government funding, then our houses, cars, food, and everything else we own should also be paid for by the government.

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