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The situation improved slightly as a result of the personal visit of the hetman to the kaiser Wilhelm II in Berlin, but the continuing revolts of the populace against the oppression of the Hetman government and the arbitrariness of the Russian Whites, tolerated by the hetman, forced him to appoint as chief commander of the armed forces Gen Fedor Keller, who, on 11 November, abrogated all Ukrainian army regulations and replaced them with Russian ones. At the beginning of November 1921 the Revolutionary staff ordered a partisan raid on the Right Bank (the so-called Second Winter Campaign) to be carried out by two groups—a Podilian unit and a Volhynian unit, made up of 1,500 volunteers from among the interned soldiers of the UNR Army. Although the otaman commanders were appointed, the Cossack system could not be put into effect before the November uprising against the hetman. The “Oplot” Tank is the pride of the Ukrainian defense industry. Before these plans could be realized the Central Rada was overthrown by the Germans and replaced by the Hetman government. A uniform was not established for the Ukrainian army, but military ranks and insignia were to be based on the German model, and the trident was ratified as the insignia for the cap (it remained so after the fall of the hetman). eingestellt unter: Science-Fiction. The army, formed on April 15, 1945, and commanded by General Pavlo Shandruk, consisted of the following units: Plans were made regarding the inclusion of the Ukrainian Freedom Army (120,000 soldiers), Kuban Cossacks and Georgian military divisions. (See also Military formations, Ukrainian Galician Army, and Black Sea Fleet. First of all I highly recommend that a foreigner does not join the Ukrainian Army. The Cossacks were to be governed by the Great Cossack Council (with 32 members, some of whom were elected and others appointed). Because of this and the demands of the representatives of the organizing committee, the Russian commander in chief, Gen A. Brusilov, agreed to the official Ukrainianization of some units: the two-division 34th Russian Corps under the command of Gen Pavlo Skoropadsky (renamed the 1st Ukrainian) and the 6th Russian Corps (renamed the 2nd Sich Zaporozhian Corps) under the command of Gen Mandryka. The history of the UNR Army can be divided into three main phases: the periods of the Central Rada, the Hetman government, and the Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic, although the formation of its units in all phases was to a large degree spontaneous and chaotic. The New Ukrainian Army was formed from the core of the Zaporoskiye Brigade when their commander, Colonel Orlyk, decided to retire to his homeworld of New Ukrainia and emulated Alois Hammer by taking most of his troops with him. In the autumn of 1918 commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps and cavalry divisions were formed. As well as conducting guerrilla warfare with the Germans, … UNA Division and elements of the 2. After the retreat from Kyiv the command of the UNR Army was assumed by the staff of the acting army, which consulted with Petliura only on crucial decisions. The armed forces of Ukraine during the struggle for independence (1917–20).Unlike the Ukrainian Galician Army, the regular armed forces of the Western Ukrainian National Republic, the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic was never a regular, well-structured organization, but was made up of various armed volunteer units. The formation of Ukrainian units in the Russian army was part of the process of general disintegration of the multinational Russian army along national lines that had begun at the front and in the rear immediately after the February Revolution of 1917. After a difficult retreat in the fall of 1919, the UNR Army found itself near Chortoryia in Volhynia, surrounded by Polish troops, by the Bolsheviks, and by Anton Denikin's army, without any possibility of maintaining a regular front. The military traditions of the UNR Army were preserved by various Ukrainian veterans' organizations, the most active of which was the Society of Former Combatants of the Ukrainian Republican Democratic Army in France (est 1927).
In mid-July 1919 the Ukrainian Galician Army crossed the Zbruch River and, although it continued to exist as a separate unit under its own command, co-ordinated its actions with the UNR Army under a common operational command—the supreme otaman's staff.

The regiment went through a significant re-equipment programme; their older equipment (Bizons, Kunitsa and Rosomakhas) were passed onto some of the more under-equipped NUA regulars. Its development was hindered by the officers who were often indifferent or hostile to the Ukrainian movement (to become an officer one had to have a record of active service before the war and many who did were Russians) and by the German high command, which feared a sizable Ukrainian armed force. Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. Persha ukraïns’ko-bil’shovyts’ka viina (hruden’ 1917–berezen’ 1918) (Lviv 1996)Holubko, V. Armiia Ukraïns’koi Narodnoi Respubliky 1917–1918: Utvorennia ta borot’ba za derzhavu (Lviv 1997)Kuchabsky, V. Western Ukraine in Conflict with Poland and Bolshevism, 1918–1923 (Edmonton–Toronto 2009), [This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol.

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