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Some of the largest ArchViz studios operate as communications agencies. In a situation where opinions differ, it is in this person’s interest to represent the boss and “win” the discussion. Our approach is forever changing.

We use ambience as a tool to tell stories about the architecture. Superb stuff. We love working on animations.

We do our best to help with the residence.

It is hard to imagine anyone with an interest in architecture not being familiar with the remarkable work of Bergen-based visualization studio MIR. The images should show a little of the attitude of the firm. I don’t have a background in architecture. I don’t see a future where MIR is at the forefront of new technology. Nope. MIR, My old time favourite! My favorite ArchViz studio!!

You, on the other hand, don’t seem to be hung up on being at a forefront of technology. We don’t discriminate . They have a unique style and manage to produce some of the most emotional visualization I have seen to date. It was pretty small.

In an ideal world the visualization artists should be considered more a part of the architect team. I smoked cigarettes as well.

Everytime I put one of these, I’m asked to switch for a blue one . One of my favourite architectural communication studios… greeting from Madrid! Some of us have gotten kids, which means that there is less time for partying together, but we are still a very close group. Any other activities besides work going on in MIR, like personal projects, hobbies, etc. Our office vibe is very unique. So you are looking for artists to join your office then.

http://www.3d-architectural-rendering.com/3D-Walkthrough.html, its really great interview.http://goo.gl/5YBb8c, […] Bekijk al het werk van MIR op hun site.

BrainTRUST Session 2, ‘Hill Chapel’ by Andri Ini, Best Articles about Architectural Visualization, http://www.3d-architectural-rendering.com/3D-Walkthrough.html, MIR en het denken vanuit het Waarom - Aureon architectuurblog. The key to enjoying this profession is finding flow, trusting your instinct and getting to know yourself and your preferences. But after a while we found out that it is important to do our own thing based on our own design philosophy instead of being so hung up on fashion and styles.

The main idea is to find compositions and stories that are strong enough on their own, even without a fine tuned architecture to support it. Lots of good inspiration in there beyond just the great images. This approach has become an integral part of what we do, an obviousness. Can you share with us some interesting stories about memorable projects / famous project you been working on – some inside stories you can share (with images too if possible), I don’t have too many stories about the projects or our clients, but I can tell you about our first office. MIR is a relatively small group of people. It is very common that our clients say “Ahh, I love this image… but can you move the camera up a bit so that we see the space in front, and remove the clouds and put some lights inside…”. The typical contact point for a rendering company is often (not always) someone low in the company hierarchy. That is why we only do projects where we have full control over everything from art direction to music. Architectural projects in your images are often presented in part or in a wider natural or urban context. Check out the others in our series on “The Art of Rendering”: Methanoia Reveals the Story Behind Architecture’s Most Striking Visualizations, When Architectural Visualization Gets It Right: Victor Enrich’s Surreal Art, 7 Magical Demonstrations of Hyper-Real Environments, Alex Hogrefe Creates Stunning Architectural Visualizations Using Only SketchUp and Photoshop, How Technology Will Revolutionize Architectural Representations, A Photographic Approach to Architectural Visualization, Architectural Details: 8 Extruded Brick Façades, These Incredible Pop-Up Architecture Models Look Like Buildings by Calatrava and Hadid, Architects: Stop the Obsession With “Beautiful” Renderings, From Honesty to Imitation: The Sad Subversion of the Humble Brick, Call for Submissions: Enter the One Rendering Challenge and Win $2,500. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Some practices have a very classical approach to architecture that will fit a very “photographical style”. At that time he was already using Lightwave for his furniture projects. We look for the unsuspected, the surprising. Sometimes they show us works from other companies that they want us to copy, an approach that I think is embarrassing for both us and them. Find out more about the project here. Our small studio is located in Bergen, Norway. It shows a little of how much we sometimes do in Photoshop.

Maybe they would be better off with a more artistic, collage-like look? I wanted to take my interest in their work one step further so I contacted them and started a conversation that turned into this interview. High level reading. For post work we use Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. It is a huge problem for us that we have to say no to a lot of our good old clients because we are fully booked all the time. It’s nice to be able to access this kind of material.

We are into so much strange things that it’s a wonder we get anything done at all. We could just render stuff with reflections and people went nuts about it! The problem with that one is that for some strange reason we didn’t do it in HD. How does the work load divide among the studio members. How do you convince them to embrace it? Unconventionality has always been key in our motivation. That ground has already been covered.
MIR has always been as concerned with portraying the place or site as the architecture itself. Very much inspiring, Thanks guys for sharing! When looking at our team now, I think each individual’s personality has a far greater influence on their work than their educational background. Prosjektet ligger i et område som er historisk viktig for nærområdet og Bergen by. Here, tucked in between mountains and fjords, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, we try to figure out new and exciting ways to remind people that we live in a fantastic world. Other team members include Vegard Aarseth, Jan-Erik Sletten, Nick O Leary, Tomek Miksa and Lars Tornoe. Personally I hate running, but I love being outdoors, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms. First launched as a way for me to connect with fellow 3d artist worldwide, it quickly became the place to share and learn about architectural visualization. Is there a possibility of MIR expanding into other fields beside ArchViz? We don’t see it like us being a leading visualization firm, especially since we are only 7 guys, but it is nice to hear someone else referring to us as that We still feel like geeks in a small office in the outskirts of the world.

Truly inspirational.

He, he, I guess it’s not that common outside of Norway.

The challenge of Tomorrow is back, looking for their next star! This year we have received more than 200 applications, but most of the people have a very technical focus and little or no professional experience.

We arrange what is called a special workers permit, and arrange hire for an apartment for a 3 months trial period. We try to motivate the team to do different stuff besides work. Despite their impressive list of clients — from compatriots Jensen & Skodvin and Snøhetta to BIG and Zaha Hadid — MIR maintains a boutique quality and cultivates a relaxed attitude rarely found in studios of such high caliber. We do “Photoshop Tweaks” on each other’s images all the time. I can’t remember a single time our clients have talked about “The MIR style”. But modo looks way better for modeling at least. What do you think about these crazy deadlines that have become almost a standard in our industry? The city and crowd are made with Lightwave HDInstances, a very simple and insanely stable plugin. Can you share some work in progress drafts or sketches for a single project, representing a start to finish cycle, as I’m sure that will be very interesting to see? We don’t put too much consideration into textures . Can you define how that came to be? There is nothing more to it than that. Browsing your portfolio I stumbled upon the Marseille Nouveau Stade Velodrome video. To convince, we show rather than tell. Our small studio is located in Bergen, Norway.

Wow, thanks! The person(s) we are looking for need to have a strong portfolio of international quality similar to the work we do. There are huge differences in the philosophy and “image” of the offices. I am so used to Lightwave that it would take too much to switch. , Hi, I also had a look at the one from dbox.

We try out their suggestion, but always go hunting for something unique and special as well since their first picks might be too boring. Copyright © 2017 Architizer, Inc. All rights reserved. What does “natural visualization” mean? Great interview. Of lees het interview bij Ronen Bekerman. If he admits that the render company is right, he has to go back to the boss and “prove him wrong.” That translates to time lost, goodwill lost and promotion lost. When they are in place, we will start an internship program. Yes, it affects us greatly.

I shared three images for a project we did a while ago. We will stick to doing the same.

These blog is awesome really.

Mir is a small creative studio tucked in between mountains and fjords on the west coast of Norway. It is very rewarding, but we also find it extremely exhausting. The boots are hinged to the skis at the front. Architizer is building tech tools to help power your practice: Click here to sign up now. @pixel: Same issue here, I’m always asked to put blue skyes . Access the Best Articles about Architectural Visualization. For competitions, we start by reading the brief and listening to what the architects have to say about the project. We also do a lot of small scale projects. Some of it we put on our webpage. On one side, we have to admit that MIR would be nothing without the software; at the same time, we really hate it when the tools dictate the aesthetics of our output. I think that in my daily work I use mostly Lightwave with FPrime, HDinstances and a Photoshop actions that MIR ex-employee Kristian made to save clipart on our server. Anyone can make a fairly nice “blue hour” dusk rendering of that stupid pavilion with some 3D grass in front of it.

What do the different educational backgrounds of your employees bring to MIR? Image 9 of 20 from gallery of The Screen / Li Xiaodong Atelier. Did the client profile changed a lot since the early days? Too much of the archviz stuff looks just the same. Many architects simply don’t understand what you can and cannot do with an image.

Great work, and amazingly interesting interview. A weekly experiment, exploring the creative minds in Architectural Visualization and more.

Excellent write-up! I enjoyed the conversation with Trond about MIR very much, and I hope so did you. It is dramatic and gray, most of time winter like. We have a deal where he can take as much time off as he likes to paint. Instead of focusing on camera angles, we try to give each image a name that explains the concept. MIR has a very unique and recognizable visualization style, that I like very much.
He sat on a chair in the door opening . It is hard to find a perfectly fitting sweater in the store.

The MIR satellite was a high-tech installation in outer space controlled with analogue tools. Here, tucked in between mountains and fjords, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, we try to figure out new and exciting ways to remind people that we live in a fantastic world. Yes, we want our team to be international and from diverse backgrounds.

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