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how to insult bulgarians

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The subject of some sayings, like 'go and hide under something old' and 'ranga', aren't always very obvious, Insults like '250' seem to make no sense until you understand where it's come from while others like 'your mother mates with reindeer' is pretty insulting no matter where you are, People's personality are also a target for the insults. Finding a good handyman who won’t splash your doors with paint, leave a hole when putting in your window frames or installing the bathroom lock on the outside, is like meeting the perfect partner. . – I’m a Bulgarian. mobile app. Moscow gave the Christmas tree to Sofia.2. Be logical. You have successfully hopped on a plane and arrived in Eastern Europe. Да, има такова нещо като преял съм и не искам да ям миризливото агнешко. We can also tell that you have read our blog post: >> How to piss off a Bulgarian << […]. We have been pissed off more than once by situations like these, but in the end, we are writing this post with a smile on our faces and with lots of love. :’), There are many more, but fair enough – especially 6 & 8 ! It was probably used first in Bulgaria and transformed into its current appearance there, but as far as invention goes, it’s all about the Greeks. I’m actually cracking up at that Most Greek people think everything comes from Greece lol So, for the sake of a having a good laugh, I’ll let it pass:) I’ve heard it too many times Once a Greek woman was even calming that cezve (the pot used for making Turkish coffee or ant coffee really and that is normally made of brass or copper) actually is Greek and that it can’t be found anywhere else in the world Interestingly, every time I go to an Arabic country or Turkey and the like, I see it everywhere Even the bacteria which is used for production of yoghurt – lactobacillus BULGARICUS, is named after Bulgaria ☺Very accurate explanation by MRRT about the origins of the Cyrillic alphabet. That’s right, make the other person seem like he’s worth only two cents. The script is named in honor of the two brothers – Saints Cyril and Methodius, who created the Glagolitic alphabet earlier on. Ermmm, you might want to check how well you write in English there pal… Because you kind of make no sense. If someone is a close friend of yours or the communication is very informal, you can call him choveche. Frustrating emotions go out of our mouths with phrases linked to the beginning of life. This includes personalizing content and advertising. – How wonderful! Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. 3. This includes personalizing content and advertising. In Bulgaria, nodding your head up and down means NO, and shaking your head sideways indicates YES. Is this in Spain? It is the basis of alphabets used in various languages, past and present, in parts of southeastern Europe and northern Eurasia, especially those of Slavic origin, and non-Slavic languages influenced by Russian. You might want to remember this one. There are false generalizations everywhere, and I don’t think we need to be offended by silly things. A pretty self-explanatory phrase for someone whose head contains as much brain as his other end. These additional letters were used for Old Church Slavonic sounds not found in Greek – so it is somewhat of a mix, like most of the world languages. Do not try to tell us it’s the other way around, because we are pretty sure our way IS the right way. I always felt like an outsider to my own culture. It’s all off topic! Easily find the right translation for Insult from English to Bulgarian submitted and enhanced by our users. Some of these would be insulting in any language and stupidity seems to be a theme in several different places. Back to topic: But there was the public toilet — the free speech haven at that time. Wonderful! So take a deep breath and relax, you aren’t that special that the whole world needs to know everything about you… Perhaps the only thing that is purely Bulgarian in nature is the “I know it all” attitude. – There is this gypsy family that built a house near where I leave. It is an equivalent of the English “man” like in “What’s up, man?”. If you happen to visit a Bulgarian family, you need to ask for permission to leave your shoes on. Nearly no one in Bulgaria would know about it because of the brutal American censorship of the alleged "Bulgarian" media that allowed talk about Russia only in negative light. 9 American habits I lost when I moved to Germany, 30 Instagrammers promoting unconventional travel that you can relate to, 14 differences between a normal mom and a Swedish mom, 17 images that prove Lisbon has the world’s greatest street art, 10 differences between a Swedish boyfriend and a normal boyfriend, Hook yourself up with a last-minute flight upgrade with this new app, What bartenders actually think of your beer selection, The 20 funniest Portuguese expressions (and how to use them), Download the #5 Lol, many Polish must in that case insult Bulgarian homemade food xD In Poland traditionally you refuse host two-three times before agree to eat. When they come close to policemen and were politely asked for their papers, the malicious group escaped with shouting against this unprecedented repression, shouts that increased a thousand times on Facebook. As … Else, please refer to that list: Things that piss Bulgarians off (take a hint what we are trying to tell you here […], […] Okay, I see where this comes from. Getting away with writing which politician was a dick, in-between number one and number two, used to be one way of venting the tension. Orrr is it in Europe? Foreign media analysis on Bulgaria and World News in Brief are also part of the web site and the online newspaper. The Embassy of Russia in Bulgaria published on its official Facebook page a comment from the site "Classa.bg", in which Bulgarians are called "imbeciles" and "morons". – That’s wonderful! It displays personal history. The host: -Were you smuggled through the border? No one is actually pulling their hair off over any of these. Albanian using the most creative and original insult he can think of to insult Bulgarians. i’ve just received a lovely picture of Batulia from my best Friend Becko. Guyana must be in South America somewhere under Cuba. – We just announced it on Facebook. -I’m from Bulgaria. To add something to the story: save hide report. Anyhow, as someone has already mentioned, whoever doesn’t like this post – don’t read it. Now the word “kur” can be seen on dusty cars’ windows or on some buildings’ walls. Generally, Bulgarians are very warm people, and they can cope with many stereotypes and ignorant questions, but there are some things that can easily upset us. Err…. Question as “do you have internet” or perceive people for your country as thief/alcoholics/menial worker is common (fortunately it’s changing, but I don’t know how is in case Bulgarian “image”). They torture him for two weeks but he tells them nothing. Комплексарска или не, всеки ден ми се налага да се срещам и работя с различни хора от цял свят и всеки Божи ден ми се налага да отговарям абсолютно същите въпроси. – What do you mean? I replied him… I love Batulia, Hungary’s fantastic!!! A host at an English stadium: Bulgarians think they are important enough for the rest of the world to care. 1. The commentary is in relation to a protest against the Christmas tree decorated in red in the center of Sofia, which is a gift from Moscow. A few more: Is this sn airline company? Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Can you tell me a bit more about how’s life in a communist country? My bad, just ignore it. Are you idiot or what? So, let’s discuss the origins of the words – GREEK; YOGURT; FETA! It leads to the first point again, where it’s better not to talk politics. Do your homework first. Signs, speed limits and traffic lights are for ‘losers’, or so it seems when you observe the street traffic. Culture Guides 14 reasons Bulgaria is the most underrated country in Europe Jan 2, … Where is Guyana located? Well, here you go! Bulgarian parents say this to their teenagers who prefer to play computer games instead of memorizing text from their school books. It is based on the Early Cyrillic, which was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 9th century AD at the Preslav Literary School. We kind of find that funny though! (18+) (VIDEO) – Plovdiv24.bg – News from Plovdiv and the region. Perhaps you speak Kurdish?”. 'Futaada u sheeg', meaning 'tell that to your ass' in Somalian, is directed at someone who said something foolish. If you ask someone “What are you doing?”, they may answer “Mrahtya”, which will mean they do nothing and intend to continue doing it. I live in Italy and have to explain where Bulgaria is, that the capital is not Bucarest, we are not using the Russian alphabet etc. Thanks to the unimaginable idiocy of a small group of Sofia "smart-handsome" protesters, however, the whole of Bulgaria found out about the tree. Annoying. Yes, all gypsies over the world are Bulgarians. For the first time in the history of the world there was a protest against a Christmas tree.3. Brussels is lovely! Best used to describe dumb politicians with fat hollow heads. April 16, 2019 Uncategorized -How did you arrive here? But nice try, I’ll give you that! 12 abilities we Bulgarians have over the rest of the world, 11 reasons you should never date a Bulgarian woman, 14 things Bulgarians have to be thankful for this holiday season, 8 wacky holiday traditions only a Bulgarian can understand, 14 reasons Bulgaria is the most underrated country in Europe, 11 views of Bulgaria locals would rather keep to themselves. Bulgarian people like to enjoy, and prolong, their dining experience. I specifically said only bulgarians. -Where do you come from? Spaghetti – depends who you ask – if Marco Polo did go to China, from China; if he only reached Constantinople and lied about going to Asia, then they are indeed local Italian. А приказките за яденето направо са си подхранване на тъпия стереотип за източните европейци. Enter your email address to follow 99 lives and receive notifications of our new posts by email! Seriously??? – oh so you use the Russian alphabet? 4. lol. Just add “ebasi” in front of any Bulgarian word and you can express your anger toward any person, object or situation. Please tell us more. It looks and sounds strange to see two beautiful girls talking, addressing each other with “bro” but it’s a common sight, especially in Sofia. But while most insults are pretty straight forward, some simply bizarre. He said "You'd better start learning the procedures or they'll beat the shit out of you!" So if you really want to get on the nerves of a Bulgarian, follow this advice. Doooh! “Maika” (mother) was voted as our favorite and most beautiful word. » Be a reporter: Write and send your article, » Bulgaria's Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva is Paying Visit to Hungary, » Тwo Bulgarian Diplomats in Moscow Declared Persona Non Grata, » Greece and Turkey to Resolve Their Disputes in Istanbul, » Bulgaria’s Ambassador to UK Marin Raykov: The Absence of Bulgaria From The UK's Non-Quarantine List is Abnormal, » Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borissov Sends Congratulatory Address to US President Donald Trump on US Independence Day, Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borissov Tests Positive For COVID-19, COVID-19: Bulgarian Prototype Vaccine Ready by the End of 2020, Nightclubs Close for Two Weeks in Bulgaria's Capital Sofia, Bulgaria: Ban on Plan Operations, All Hospitals in Sofia Have to Treat COVID-19, COVID-19: Polish President Duda Tests Positive, US President Elections: Highest Percentage Of Voters Since 1908, COVID-19 in France: Restrictions to Remain Until December, Boyko Takov, BSMEPA: 90% of Companies in Bulgaria Are Micro, However Generating a Little Over 1/3 of Revenues in the Sector, » Subscribe for news alerts for your keywords.

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