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how do you know if god wants you to be with someone

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I have been struggling to find a permanent job. - 1 Corinthians 15:33. My husband wants a divorce after 30 years. I’m praying that He will give you His peace as you seek His will. Tracy, I’m so glad it blessed you! He gave me courage and strength to do life on day at a time and held me close through it all. I want to live by the Bible Scripture Psm. Lord – I’m not done!! HELP!! God bless you! Thank you. Our daughter has not allowed us to see our granddaughter for almost 3 years now. I pray the Lord keep you and your children healthy and well provided for. His grace truly is sufficient. Hello, What a blessing i to always wanted to be a caregiver because that was my calling, and God privided everything i needed to go to school to get my c n a license so to God be all the glory and He made a way i didnt have to pay for anything, so yes when it’s God’s will He will provide, Wow, That’s amazing, I am almost 51 and God has me going to Hospice volunteer classes, I don’t know where this will lead, but maybe There is a good plan God has for me, that I haven’t been able to see yet, I’ve searched, tried many jobs but nothing ever really stuck, Everyone else has kids and careers , I’ve feel left behind, God did not choose children for us, and I’ve never had a career, just job hoping, but I’ve always enjoyed helping people, so I volunteer alot, and hospice just made sense, so I am encouraged, by your words, There is hope for me yet. ♥  This is a repost of my most popular post. just keep moving. I am at a stage in my life where i have to make huge decisuons,based on my healrh, and my emotionally abusive maggiage,of 32 years. I was really Blessed by your Article I felt the Presence of God as I read God Bless your Ministry. Thank you, I subscribed to your page and I look forward to learning more and sharing. This is has given me some clarity with which path to follow. I should read it today because I’m bored and thinking life should be more exciting! Thank you so much for sharing this.Sometimes I get clear observations but I want to almost rebel ,to please myself.I pray that the Lord would help me to put him first,his interests and desires first before mine. It could be and it couldn't be. 3. Thank you, Jen! Don't think God has anything to do with it, some things are just meant to be, it's destiny. Does it make it possible for me to serve others? Give them all your peace and fill them with your hope and love. Blessings! I have recently had to retire because of physical inability to perform my job duties. You’re right … it can be hard to wait on God’s timing and His direction. Thank you and God bless you, Good morning my computer stopped so I’m rewriting my prayer sorry it’s so long I’ll try to shorten it I really need prayer for my older son Cole I’ve tried to raise my children to be Christian’s but somehow he has lost his path to following Jesus he was arrested for using heroine he is in outpatient drug therapy right now 3 nights a week for 3 hours each night and AA meetings the other nights it’s working on my marriage because I remarried when he was little his dad and I take him to therapy and AA pray for his guidance strength courage health his will from God and that he finds god before it’s too late his first court date is march 1 pray that God will forgive him and give him another chance to get his life straight pray for my other son he’s a junior in HS pray for his grades he wants to go in the Marines after HS pray for my husband and the rest of my family (mom dad sister bRother and their families my friends and Karl my son’s attorney ) thank you for your post it was what was on my heart today I will try the 5 steps shown here bless you can I also ask prayer for myself I was in a wreck 20 years ago I’ve had surgeries the last one with complications I am now disabled can’t drive can’t do my weekly shopping anymore by myself I had to quit my job which I loved working with pre k with diabilities I miss it so bad but I’m not able to pick them up and do what I need to with them I need a miracle in my life that God will take away all or most of the pain I endure everyday now some days I can’t get out of bed also a miracle for Cole we also have a tornado watch here today around us thank you god bless you Amen. I am indeed blessed by these, It’s a reminder from God to me as I need such this moment of my life. Next, God showed me I was moving to GA and in 4 months it came to pass. I usually just read and move on, but this … I had to leave a comment to. I tried a little of everything and I suck at all of them. . We had everything planned and stuff and he was going to propose but then it just fell apart. Please pray that God will speak to us. Is this God asking me to end it or wait on his timing? God bless. I am struggling with a relationship with a man that is separated. I am in agreement with the 5 steps and I am going to try my best to rejoice in each day that the Lord gives me and focus my mind on the Lord and not my situation. I too, have been hurt and rejected by two people I loved with all my heart. Know you are not alone. You finally see the lessons your previous love life brings. You’re right sometimes you still don’t know. I still feel like I don’t have clear answers and peace and it’s been months. Be brave and courageous. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks. . Deb, I find your passage really inspiring. . I am asking God to go before you to your doctor’s appointment. This is a wonderfully inspiring blog. May the Lord be with you and bless you as well! God is so amazing I truly needed to run across this in my Pinterest search. I love your posts they are encouraging and uplifting. I'm glad you're here. They, didn’t want to help pretty much said they couldn’t , one girl laughed at us told us we hadn’t paid all year kept giving us the run around, my husband has to take kidney dialysis 3 times aweek ,I am on disability. And always remember – I LOVE hearing from you! That was very inspiring. But she chose not to listen to us, her parents, and ran away with this boy who is the same age but will not work, he has never had a job and kept it. I’m also praying for you, your brother is very blessed to have you as his sister. Dear Cheryl, what the heck does he mean? . I pray when I am grateful and I pray when I am struggling. When should I retire? God bless you! I’m so very glad, Jakia! Hello There, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love these guidelines and how scripture based they are. People have free will. ? I think it’s most important to focus on living for God’s glory as we pray and go to His Word for direction. He loves you! Rebecca. She was saved when she was 8 years old. And have had significant lose of immediate family members. Apparently. 100% Free Bible Course We now offer a 100% free, Internet based Bible course. Thank you and God bless you. My husband and I were wondering the move inlocation and vocation was the right thing or our thing. Dear T., I am going to send this post to him. Open her heart and let me have a relationship with my grandson. . Thanks for sharing! <3. I will be be 60 and I’ve been going back and forth about what to do next. The enemy just loves to fill us with doubt. How often do you and your significant other fight and what about? In Christ I am Jo your sister, Just found your pages, I love learning more about how to live the will of God and how to pray. Good afternoon!! I hope you’ll visit often … I look forward to getting to know you! I understand your fatigue and willlift you up for relief and strengthening. I’m so glad your grandson arrived at God’s appointed time and was there to help. Please bless her younger son and her husband. Do you wish God would write His will for your day on your to-do list? If this article blessed or helped you today — would you share it with someone? as I try to to get my life back to where God wants me to be, I decided to start my own business in real estate. Pray that God shows my son his significant other that will bring him back to God & will give him the teaching position that He wants for him. Years after, I have learned how to trust in God and now I want to make things as per his commandment. I definitely know what God doesn’t want me to do but I am a lot of times in the dark as to whether I’m going in the right direction or not. I need reminding just to pray in general. Thank you. Marla, Thank you so much for stopping by, sharing your story, and asking for prayer. Hi I just wanted to know , does God forgive you if you keep making the same mistake in a particular area of your life. The only job he had was at a BBQ restaurant and they fired him for coming in late all the time. I heard a story once, what if God only gave you what you told him you were thankful for yesterday. Maybe it’s because I’m on Day 10 of the Daniel Fast and life seems a little boring without coffee and ice cream! I found this via P. I pinned some prayers& came to check out the sight & signed up. Hi Deb (I think I have the name right), Yes, He gave people free will and sometimes they use it selfishly. We were putting her through college and just getting ready to send her to pharmacy school and she started skipping classes to go be with him and now it’s just getting harder and harder to go to college. I’m lifting you up in prayer and asking God to direct your path and bless you in the days and weeks ahead. I have been sick and questioning myself about my walk with the Lord. I’m so glad this blessed you. Please pray for my marriage. That could happen, so don't plan anything. — Oswald J. I look forward to getting to know you! . I love that you are continuing to serve the Lord and reaching out to others. What happens to your house can tell you a lot about your inner life.

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