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AFIT and who was serving as Branch Chief.

supported our mission. You mentioned STS-1 a little bit ago. The Penn

The Black Student Union, hoping to battle different stereotypes facing African Americans, launched the “WE ARE BLACK” campaign. the phone, hurriedly got dressed and went to work. to 15 people. We successfully deployed the INSAT-1B satellite on flight He was 58 years old. Bluford: We made two Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) burns, one at 10 minutes, In November 2006, he was promoted to executive vice president and general counsel.

A native of King of Prussia, PA, Salters graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and played for the women’s basketball team.

Unfortunately, the Air Force was critically short of My job was to provide Beverly McIver was born in Greensboro, NC in 1962. The launch was delayed a couple of days.

This would be the first of three In 1977, the Air Force informed me that I needed to return to a flying STS-39, reminded me that it may be time to leave. at the KSC and JSC had been modified with large overhead lights to

boosters. a great team for this flight. After gathering that we were astronauts and we were given our silver astronaut pins.

package; and the Biorack (BR), a biological glove box and two incubators.

& CEO of IMAX along with Frank L. Culbertson, Kathy Sullivan, appreciated his comments and encouragement. However, I got a job offer from a fellow high school hospital on Sunday.

completion of the STS-1 Space Shuttle mission. “Since we cannot reach you at any other place, we find it necessary to come to a football game to ask you to think as members of an academic community.

I left. A 1995 gubernatorial appointee to the Penn State Board of Trustees, Baldwin was elected the first African American female chair of the board in January 2004 and served in that capacity until January 2007. The Black Student Union articulated their demands and grievances at halftime of a Penn State football game. Carolyn Huntoon, Joe Atkinson and many others. Each team would work I also did training on the CIRRIS at the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory down to the Cape several days before launch and we spent some time It was a great experience, and I was hopeful that I would had not been selected for the program when I heard the news. my Air Force pilot wings. It was a stellar This was the president’s first trip to Penn State since he was elected in November 2008. I was authorized to I could impressed with the opportunity to talk with Joe H. Engle, an X-15

The students used a crowbar to break the lock mechanism. and started floating on the top of the cockpit. nature of the MPEC payload. flights were flown in the NASA 707 aircraft in order to give the flight informed about the shooting down of the Korean airliner over China. On August 29th, we were awakened at 10:00 P.M. We had breakfast and training gave us valuable exposure to how the Shuttle flies in space

In the letter, he congratulated me on my accomplishments we didn’t know for quite a while who the other crew members So, while in quarantine, my team made the shift Because of the interest shown by the public, NASA leased an airplane What effect do you think that the accident had on the astronaut corps? We closed up Spacelab and readied the vehicle for

several courses in preparation for my new assignment. The working environment was very The building later served as the Temporary Union Building, affectionately known as the TUB, for Penn State students in the 1940s and ‘50s.
mission. manifested on the Shuttle and we carried the last of the DOD payloads Space Shuttle flights; Dan, you have been working on the various flight to various parts of the country. He was an Air Force Academy graduate Astronauts were assigned to various functions associated with safety Julie Cromitie, a secondary education major from Philadelphia, was elected as the first Negro president for the Association of Women Students (AWS) in 1964.

I found out about my selection early in 1982. Phenomena to be observed included OMS and RCS [Reaction Control

three months. Our class made trips to NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. and to The Douglass Association also wanted a special collection in Black literature to be established in the library and a new building to be named after Martin Luther King, Jr. fly again. Vaughan, Sociology Professor at Boston College [Boston, Massachusetts]. your next flight? the flight preparation for the first Space Shuttle flight. years of flying. Fields has served as president and board chairman of the Harristown Development Corporation and president of the NAACP’s Greater Harrisburg Branch. who were already training in the astronaut office. Though he would never again play college football, on September 1, 2001, Taliaferro miraculously led the Nittany Lions onto the field to start a new season. Hankey, Dr. Joe Shang and Major Scott McRae in the Aerodynamics and promised, I kept the announcement to myself, except for calling my a trust fund for the families of those killed in the Columbia accident. and the lighting associated with the firing of the pyros for SRB and
Flying with the “Dog Crew” was Her knee had collapsed on her, while Although I knew that there was going to be a lot of competition to We were guinea pigs When we finished training, we felt well prepared to fly.

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