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Archer’s Hellf is manufactured by Archer, located in China. After a heavy focus on the automobiles of Night City, the feature concentrated on the various fashion styles that will adorn the city folk.

Of course it will be possible. A dedicated Sound Team spent a lot of time recording real-life sounds from over forty different cars from a very broad specter of models and types. About a month before release and we still don’t have a confirmation of all the types of vehicles V will be able to use and drive around Night City. The cars and motorcycles are not static, the blurry effects are very cool and there is a nice feeling of realism.

This car is incredibly fast, no doubt. Built on the foundations of kitsch, this style injects a bit of class to the proceedings, or as much as you can have when riding in a pink neon chrome limousine with an endangered cheetah adorned with thousands of dollars in jewelry. The Turbo-R model is a kitsch sports vehicle with 607 hp and its coupe-design fits only two people. No matter what and where you are racing with, you should always bring a gun with you. This category stands alone on the top when it comes to speed and armor. Cyberpunk 2077 will feature racing events.

Colby is a utility vehicle from the New USA based company Thorton. Here’s an interesting tip and something to be careful about! Here, take some more pictures of the real-life Porshe 911 model from 1977! The Turbo-R model is produced from 2055 until 2062.

I noted some of them and left others for you to discover on your own.

In The World of Cyberpunk 2077 book as well as in Episode 4 of the Night City Wire we found a ton of interesting information about the types and classes of vehicles available in the year 2077.

These models are for the racing heads and the biggest speed enthusiastic choombas. Heavy on mismatched neon hues, this is a style that will be hard to miss in passing. As powerful as 666 horses and weighing at 1.7 tons this two-seated sports vehicle will make you feel like you fly through the city instead of driving on the streets.

Cyberpunk 2077 may be a first person RPG, but V will still be featured in full during cinematic cutscenes and while driving. Paul confirmed that every single player operated vehicle is absolutely unique in every way. If you are sitting on a pile of Eddies (Eurodollar – the Cyberpunk 2077 in-game currency), then the Aerondight is for you. Are you looking for a vehicle that screams wealth and lux? Johnny’s car is going to be exactly one hundred years old model at the time we get to play the game. He has his own company (co-owns, actually) Arch.

Here are a few more images of more luxirious executive tier cars, of which names and manufactures I am not 100% sure yet or there aren’t enough details to put them in a separate segment. Which also inspires the dystopian clothing line as well. Kitsch gave way to this new style as vast and deep crises forced people to survive by any means.

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