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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD includes core features such as Command, a Team, Kill Enemies, Side-quests, Navigation, and more. If you are, then my friend, your search ends here.

The game is played from a top-down view, and the player must select a player and set out himself on an epic quest where he has to explore the towns and dungeons to interact with non-player characters. It is the sequel to Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and offers the similar gameplay to other MMORPGs, although it’s not an online game, includes the ability to upgrade and buy weapons, go on missions and more. Is GTA: Chinatown Wars my favourite handheld game of all time? Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep mixes the Action Role-playing and Hack and Slash elements developed and published by Square Enix. Diksha Lalwani is an aspiring content marketer and a self-declared bibliophile. The story follows the protagonist named as Ashley Riot, who is an elite agent and his primary job is to travel to ruin land of Lea Monde to interrogate the connection between a senior Valendian Parliament member named Duke Bardorba and a cult leader. You get a lot of options and gameplay systems so you can easily keep track of them. It combines the love of racing with the setting of a futuristic world. Hack//Link includes improved mechanics, addictive gameplay, and well-written story.

The player can choose one of them to start his quest to advance in story. While in the latter, the game turns into real-time-strategy. I always find people asking about some of the top PSP games based in the fight setting, and my most answered game is BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. Not only that, but you also get different modes to play, like single and multiplayer options. Period. It is a spin-off to the Jak & Daxter PS2 series, with the sidekick, the weasel/otter mix breed as the main character. And this remake is amazingly better on the PSP due to the improved controls and graphics. Poor old Gabe Logan is one of Sony's most underrated stars. After the duo made such an... more, Reviewed on: 24 November 2009   Platforms: PSP, With some impressive combat mechanics, an excellent game world, some of the most disturbing enemies ever seen and tight production values, Dante's Inferno delivers the goods. It's taken a while, but the PSP has finally got a third-person shooter that... more, Reviewed on: 14 February 2007   Platforms: PSP, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is one of the best PSP games I've played. In the game, you takes on the role of the protagonist named as Felyne, a warrior who set out himself on an epic quests to battle monsters and defeat them to rescue his village. There are multiple modes and the player controls of three main playable characters in each mode. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just keep solving complex puzzles and labyrinths, and just slash everything that moves. Daxter is one of those top PSP games you never knew you needed, but you so did. Wide category of games that require reflex, accuracy and agility. Yes, it is more or less a remake of the classic Super Famicom strategic RPG, but that doesn’t affect its excellence or marr its individuality any less. List RulesGames don't have to be console exclusive, as long as they were released for PlayStation Portable at some point. It is the marvelous installment in the franchise of Monster Hunter and available to play on PlayStation. LittleBigPlanet is one the best and the cutest PSP games, in the entire history of PSP games. The deep war story is still intact in the game. The PlayStation Portable (PSP) has already released 1369 game titles on Wikipedia since its launch in 2004 and the end of its support in 2014. Remember the old adage about 'bringing a knife to a gunfight', well I... more, Reviewed on: 29 November 2006   Platforms: PSP, It's hard to recommend this PlayStation 3 version over the superior Xbox 360 release, but PlayStation 3 owning Marvel fans shouldn't think twice about buying Ultimate Alliance. The game introduces new brutal monsters, regions, and a combat system. But I do have to warn you though; this game is quite addictive. The primary objective of the player is to explore the world of the Mirage Arena from a third-person perspective.

All in all, the game comprises a roster of 95 (unlockable) cars, 18 different maps, and 9 types of races. If you’re a fan of both PSP and action games, I know that you want to know the best PSP action games of all time. Ever since the PSP burst into stores we've been waiting for true... more, Reviewed on: 28 March 2008   Platforms: PSP, Whether you're a GTA veteran or someone who's never played one of these games before, you should know that this is one of the best games available for your PSP. It’s actually one of the most intuitive PSP games ever released for the Vita. Without it, it's nothing more than a decent stab at making the tried and trusted Dynasty Warriors format work on the PSP. Like all other Syphon Filter games, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror focuses on third-person action and furtive combat. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep includes core features such as detailed Environment, brutal Monsters, challenging Quests, and more. The story revolves around on group of rebels as they attempt to overthrow the dictatorship. Download best Collection of PPSSPP games for Android PSP emulator ISO/CSO in direct link, if you have one you don’t need to be looking around for which one to play on your device. Missing some top Tower defense PSP games? Star Ocean is an Action Role-playing, and Single-player video game developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix for PlayStation. The character can run, push crates, jump and hit enemies to explore around obstacles, platforming and puzzle elements are also available to make the game exciting. The game is based in the land of Valeria. The online gameplay is lacking, but that’s just picking too much. There is only a safe place, where the protagonist named Levant live. Believe me; you’ll be lost in this game for hours on end, not even coming up for fresh air. It serves as the presequel to the White Knight Chronicles, released in 2008. Another addition to the list of the best and must play PSP games of all time is Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. GTA is the OG. The player explores the world from a third-person perspective and can use ranged weapons to kill monsters and enemies to save the world. They're not quite ready yet. Daxter. 25.

Although there are only 12 fighters in total, each of them has a distinct personality and skill set.

You get to create all new and unique moves and combos, with the satisfaction of finishing off opponents in the most amazing way ever! Keep yourself updated with the latest technology and trends with TechPout. The player takes on the role of the protagonist, and his primary objective is to explore the world from the isometric perspective while completing a variety of quests to progress through the game.

And so if you believe that you have what it takes, just grab on to your console, choose your rifle and scope, and welcome yourself inside the world of Syphon Filter. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is an Action Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created and published by Square Enix. Top 25 Best Must Play PSP Games of All Time. This PSP racing games series is also renowned for its amazing and momentous crash scenes, adding to the levels of destruction. Many relate Lumines with Tetris because of its ‘falling block’ gaming patterns, but it is so much more than that. Vagrant Story offers core features such as a variety of Quests, addictive Gameplay, exciting Characters and more. The game also incorporates sound and hypnotic visuals, setting it apart from all its counterparts. And try to build your combo as high as possible. It intuitively plays by your Vita’s camera, microphone, accelerometer, and touch screen. In the midst of your rescue mission, you also have the choice to opt for other side quests for some additional fun. Dynasty Warriors has always been an acquired taste, a bit like Marmite. It is really easy to pick up and jam onto this game.

These games often use in action-based combat system similar to other shooter and hack-and-slash games. You just have to be creative and create on your own amazing puzzles. According to the story, the heroes are thrown into the deep cells and gets request from the might king due to their reputation.

Welcome to VideoGamer.com's top PSP Adventure games of All Time, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. Welcome to VideoGamer.com's top PSP Action games of All Time, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite offers excellent features, addictive gameplay, and brilliant mechanics. The former aligns towards the management side wherein the player has to build a strong base by collecting resources as he moves across the lands.

Each character has its unique personality, play style and characteristics. The SSES is an alliance of student who is investigating the Dark Hour, a specific time between two days. White Knight Chronicles: Origins is a Co-op, Action Role-playing and Single-player video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by SCE Japan Studio.

The story focuses on the protagonist, managing his daily life and creating relationship with others with fight evils known as Shadows.

Not only are its features completely unique and fascinating, the games are thrilling to say the least. The famous side-scrolling shooting action game that was the real deal in all the arcades back in the day? God of War: Chains of Olympus, a third-person PSP game, is set in ancient Greece. You must complete different takes to earn points and prove yourself as the best warrior by rescuing your land. Check them out: If there ever came a list of timeless PSP games which have left their mark into the world, Lumines would surely top that list with flying colors. Just use the face buttons to move, attack, defend, and direct the tribesmen to their homeland. The story centers on the class zero, a team of fourteen students from the Vermillion Peristylium. All rights reserved. They go head-to-head and neck-to-neck to become the world champion. You are entrusted with the task of creating a team of heroes and leveling them increasingly as you move further in the combat. This mascot is able to hold and grab onto objects and jump around the stage. It obviously bears similarities to other tower defense titles, but it still ranks high due to its features and intuitive interface.

Vagrant Story is an Action Role-playing and Single-player video game created by Square Product Development. Using time travel and advanced technologies, the group of three members, soon uncover the truth behind the war and also find a cure to the disease on their planets. You get to experience a charming and enjoyable narrative, fun mini-games, and the chance to create your own game levels.

Such a fun game to easily learn and play.

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